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Enjoy a weightless soak in 104F hot water while you fly in a hot air balloon: a world first!


Imagine floating weightless in your own personal hot tub - thousands of feet above ground - free of Earth's rotation. Your teak trimmed hot tub accommodates two in complete comfort. Water temperature is controlled on board to your desire by your FAA Certified Commercial pilot. Enjoy a crystal flute of non-alcoholic Ariel Brut Cuvee Champagne served at the apogee of your flight.
Ask about complimentary Lavender aromatherapy salts as an option.

* Enjoy a champagne brunch with French Taittinger Brut alcoholic Champagne post flight served in our private gazebo next to a duck pond.

* Exclusive drone video included while you fly!

*Each gondola accommodates 4 passengers with TWO hot tubs on board with separate non-chlorinated spring water supplies - so invite two friends to come along!

Our crew filling one of the custom designed hot tubs with 104F spring water just prior to lift off. The 435 ping pong balls are for insulation to keep the water hot.


Captain Ron K. Miller - an FAA Certified Commercial pilot since 1983 - is standing outside on a Bluebird January morning at his dedicated balloon launch port at La Mariposa Resort in Tucson, Arizona. The huge wicker and stainless steel hot air balloon basket next to to him contains two blue rectangular tubs. Floating on top of each tub's 100 gallons of water are 435 multi-colored ping pong balls working as an insulating layer to keep the water hot. He is extolling the virtues of super insulation on all other sides of the tubs and maintaining 104F temperature for an hour without adding more hot water. “When you're relaxing in a hot tub the temperature of the water is critical” he explains. “Above 104F it feels too hot for most folks – and below 101F it can feel on the cool side”

Ron is chatting about the world's very first hot tubs on board a hot air balloon, an FAA Certified Aircraft. When asked why two tubs instead of one, Ron laughs and with a grin says: “Go big or go home, and this way a couple can each have their own private tub if desired – just like on the Cialis TV commercials!”

Our computer controlled instant hot water heater and 250 gallons of spring water. We can fill TWO hot tubs with 100 gallons of 104F hot water in SEVEN minutes!


Sunrise - varies from 0530 to 0830 depending on the month booked: Arrive at La Mariposa Resort for a pre-flight briefing and liftoff

Lift off for approximately a one hour balloon tour with 2, two passenger hot tubs on board

Return from balloon tour

Champagne brunch served

Please understand that hot air ballooning is not an exact science, so flexibility in your schedule is needed, the tour is approximately 4 hours from arrival at the launch site to the end of breakfast later that morning.

$1500.00 per person, minimum booking of two, maximum of four.