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Hot Air Balloons in Arizona

Enjoy Safe Hot Air Balloon Rides in Arizona With Our FAA Certified Commercial Pilots

Our competitors in Tucson, Arizona, are all part-time amateur balloonists, having just recently gotten into the business of flying paying passengers to make a few extra dollars on the weekends. All of the pilots at Balloon America are full-time FAA Certified Commercial Pilots with First Class Medical Certificates. Aviation is our only business, so we devote 100% of our time and energy to our careers. When you are ready to enjoy safe hot air balloon rides in Arizona, you can count on the balloonists at Balloon America.

Putting Your Safety First

We are extremely proud of our 100% flawless safety record. Our FAA certified pilots have never had an accident or incident, and we challenge anyone to prove otherwise. In addition, we are the only balloon tour company in Southern Arizona that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This means we have been vetted and proven to have incredibly high standards of business ethics and practices. The BBB has awarded us an A+ rating after considering 13 different standards.

Delivering Smooth Landings

We are the only company requiring our pilots to wear inertia reel safety harness restraints during balloon rides. This is required in Europe, yet, this isn't the case in the United States. Why do we require our pilots to wear these? While hard landings in balloons are extremely rare, they can happen. Compare this to when a passenger jet sets down hard on a runway. Your jet pilot is strapped in and contained within the cocoon of the cockpit, while balloons are open air aircraft. It's very possible for your pilot to be ejected from the balloon's basket during this type of landing. With a restraint harness, this is impossible. Our pilots can therefore stay in control during the entire landing procedure.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Arizona