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Full-Time FAA Certified Commercial Pilots with First Class Medical Certificates ensure your in-flight safety

At Balloon America we're much more than just a balloon tour company. Our passengers choose us because we're full-time professional aviators involved in many different aspects of the aviation business. We're the only balloon tour company in the Southwestern United States that requires our pilots to have current FAA first-class medical certificates, proving that they are heart-healthy, drug-free and meeting the same standards that are required of commercial airline pilots, even though there is no regulation requiring this.  No other balloon pilots in Southern Arizona have even second or third-class medical certificates and only a handful nationwide possess this level of certification.  We can PROVE that we're heart healthy and drug free with dated EKG and urinalysis results.  None of our amateur competitors can make this claim.

The FAA issues three classes of medical certificates:

A first class medical is required for pilots who exercise airline transport pilot (ATP) privileges; that is, those flying scheduled airliners and other pilots whose employers require this level of certification.  Advanced cardiology and urinalysis test are required.

A Second class is required for pilots who fly commercially—in operations such as crop dusting, delivering canceled checks, or carrying passengers or cargo for hire.

A Third class medical certificate is appropriate for student pilots, recreational pilots, and private pilots who fly for pleasure or personal business (but not for hire).


More Details on Certification

Our uniformed professional pilots undergo rigorous training and pass verbal, flight proficiency, and written tests administered by the Federal Aviation Administration. In addition to US Certification, they hold British (CAA) licenses as well.

Smiling Aircraft Pilot

100% Perfect Flight Record

In our 34 years in business, we have never had an accident, incident, or even a broken fingernail. Our pilots have expertise in many different fields of aviation including, balloons, fixed wing, and airships (blimps). We have over 6000 hours flying in Arizona's deserts and Colorado's high-altitude mountains.

A Winning Attitude

We know how to dress for success. Our pilots show up for your flight clean shaven, in pressed khaki pants and white pilot shirts with epaulets.