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Please review our terms and conditions prior to making a reservation.

Product Information

This product information is effective as of 1/1/2017 and replaces all other oral, written, or printed information except for gift certificates. Gift certificates have different conditions and restrictions which are printed on the back of the certificate. A copy can be requested in advance of purchase by emailing us. All gift certificates are 100% non-refundable for any reason and all sales are final. Gift certificates and special fares are valid and available to use only during our current flight season except on holiday dates or other special dates (such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.) when only full fare tickets are accepted. We reserve the right to change the dates of our flight season at any time if, in our sole opinion, conditions are not suitable for flying. By making verbal telephone or email reservations with us with your major credit card, you acknowledge that you have been notified of this information by our reservations agent when you made the reservation as evidenced by the date and time your credit card was charged in full, have read this information, and all other information on this website, understand it, and agree to it.


Uniformed pilots are FAA certified commercial balloon pilots. All flight times are approximate. Trip length varies due to wind speed and is conducted at varying altitudes. The exact flight path and landing areas are unknown in advance and not guaranteed due to unpredictable wind and weather conditions. Our balloons are inspected and certified as aircraft in accordance with all applicable FAA regulations.

Joining Instructions

Due to calm air in the early morning, meeting times vary from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. depending on the month. Call local reservations for meeting times and directions to the launch site at least 12 hours prior to your flight. Local offices are not open during early morning hours, as our staff is physically at the launch site two hours prior to your meeting time preparing your balloon for flight. Passengers should check in at the meeting time. A confirmed meeting time is given at the same time you make your reservation and cannot be changed. It is imperative that you are on time. The departure time is typically 30 minutes after the meeting time. We take off on time. The departure time cannot be changed to accommodate late arriving passengers, as we are sitting on the ground burning a finite amount of onboard fuel intended for flight, as well as making other passengers who have already boarded wait. If you arrive late, we reserve the right to deduct the amount of time late from the flight time. If you arrive after the flight has departed, you will not be given a refund. We will make no attempt to make illegal and potentially dangerous landings to board you and you will not be allowed to re-book for a future date. No exceptions to this policy will be made under any circumstances. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian accompany them on the flight and sign a waiver on their behalf as noted below.

Recommended Clothing

Although usual conditions predict cool mornings and comfortable inflight conditions, passengers should be prepared for extremes. We recommend dressing in three lightweight layers with a lightweight cap and sunglasses. Video cameras and regular cameras are allowed only if you have a strap to allow the camera to hang from your neck. Passengers should wear sturdy footwear like tennis shoes or lightweight hiking boots. Cell phones must be turned off inflight. Absolutely no high-heel shoes, sandals, or open-toe shoes are allowed. The pilot in command reserves the right to deny boarding to any passenger, that, in his sole opinion, arrives for the flight improperly dressed, and no refund will be given nor re-booking for a future flight date.


Balloons are fueled by propane, a flammable gas. Absolutely no smoking is allowed at any time around or near balloons, motorized equipment, or near the food area services area of La Mariposa Resort.

Baggage, Food, and Beverages

Due to limited space onboard, FAA regulations prohibit luggage, camera bags, backpacks, purses, etc. We recommend leaving these items at home or locking them in the trunk of your car before arriving at the balloon. Safekeeping is provided in our vehicles, but we expressly deny any claims for lost, stolen, or damaged goods in our possession while you are flying. Food and beverage is not allowed onboard with the exception of water in small plastic bottles.


We are frequently asked about gratuities. Your pilots are exceptionally skilled professionals serving as tour guides. Common guidelines in the tour and travel industry indicate a minimum 10% gratuity for your pilot, which is shared with the crew. Many passengers like to extend additional gratuity, and we recommend you do so in cash to the pilot at the conclusion of the flight. Our pilots and crew, like many in the service industry, depend on gratuities as a significant part of their incomes.

Cancellations and Transfers

When you make a reservation, we block space for you on an exclusive, definite basis, remove it from inventory, and often must turn away other paying passengers who would like to go on the same flight you have reserved. We guarantee that space will be available for you that day. We do not take tentative or speculative reservations, overbook our flights, or have standby status.