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A Different Kind Of Balloon Tour Company

Balloon America has been in the balloon tour business on a full-time basis since 1983. The difference is obvious when you call our competitors, and we're pleased to provide you with their contact informations to see for yourself.

Happy Pilot

The Best Pilots In the World

Our pilots have been carefully selected from among the best in the world. Our chief pilot has over 6,200 hours of experience flying balloons, plus additional experience in blimps and other classes of aircraft. He holds a commercial pilot's license issued by the FAA along with one issued by the much more demanding British Civil Aviation Authority.

Enjoy VIP Treatment
When you book with our tour company, there's no need to jump in the back of a pickup truck. We're the only balloon company in the region featuring brand new 2017 Ford Transit 14-passenger high-roof luxury vans to pick up group passengers. This is reserved for passengers only, which means we don't carry crews, dogs, or equipment in this van. For private first-class flights, we utilize our Mercedes 450 GL Sport Utility. Our vehicles are also washed daily, because we understand that first impressions count.

In-Flight Seats

You wouldn't stand up and fly in a jet or any other aircraft, yet that is exactly what our competitors force you to do. We are the only tour company featuring Ultrasuede seats and seat belts, the same luxury material found in Porsches, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis. Our wide-body baskets are specifically designed to carry passengers, not sport balloons never intended for carrying passengers with no personal space onboard. On our optional first-class flights, you can either sit or stand.

We fly from a dedicated Balloon Port located just minutes from Tucson's major resort hotels

Instead of flying from remote locations far outside of Tucson like ALL of our competitors, we're conveniently located on Tucson's east side, this region's premier site for flying.  We're the only balloon tour company allowed to fly from this location.  Why drive an extra hour to take your flight over boring industrial farm land?  We fly near Sabino Canyon and along the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

We take you above the rest

Due to the requirement to stay in low-altitude wind flow drainages on the west side of Tucson and exit-congested areas for landing, our competitors hug the ground and rarely fly above 500 feet. Our balloon tour company flies at altitudes from 1,000 to 5,000 feet above the ground, for views of all of Southeastern Arizona.